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Lucky charm of the angel, thread jewelry shop

my creater name is shiroboshitentomushi.
☆天道虫 mean white-star-lady-bird.

Kaga yubinuki thimble and temari are folkcrafts of the Japanese Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa Kaga district.
I sell them as thread jewelry.

I keep the making of work which you can feel such "littlestar" whom an angel prays to for small happiness near you in mind.

My work expresses circulation of the life.
A thread: Live. An encounter, the life.
Beads: Is born. Light, the future, hope, tears, a soul.
A pearl: Oneself, a heart, love, important thought.
The feather of the race: I lived. God, an angel.

yubinuki and temari is made of paper and a polyethylene sheet and threads and plated parts. Because it is poor at water and pressure, please be careful.

I am glad when I have you put my work near you as a lucky charm.

l can ship overseas. but I'm sorry. lt can't cope with the overseas settlement from my net shop. Only the one that can settle an account in the pay pal accepts an order. You can pay by PayPal if you have a PayPal account. Please feel free to contact us.


shipping method:
l accept international shipping.
l ship the item within 5 days after your payment.
All these services are offered by Japan Post.
EMS:Express mail takes about 4-5days. ¥1400-2400.EMS is more expensive than SAL.
SAL:Economy Airmail takes about 2-3 weeks. ¥600.
Once the item is shipped, l will email you with the tracking number.
It may not be available in some areas. When you do not understand it, please inquire whether an area to live applies beforehand.
If there is a point to be worried about, please ask you a question before an order willingly.

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